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 If there’s one moment in history – other than the defeat of Hitler – that every citizen of Europe should be encouraged to commemorate, it’s the day the Battle of Waterloo decided the shape of our continent for a hundred years. (Peter Snow)

The 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo will take place on 18 June 2015. A number of events are being planned internationally and nationally to mark this anniversary. They include the following:



As was published in the Spring Newsletter,  the Imperial Eagle of the French 45th Regiment which Sergeant Ewart captured at the Battle of Waterloo is to be loaned to the National Museum of Scotland from 14 May – 27 September 2015. At 1100hrs on the 14 May 15 the Eagle will be ceremonially marched through the Grand Gallery of the National Museum of Scotland where it will be formally handed over before being put on display. Anyone is welcome to come to the National Museum of Scotland to witness this event.

The regiment will parade in Kilmarnock on Sat 20 Jun 15 during which they will present a copy of the Waterloo Eagle to the Lord Provost. All members of the Association have been invited to attend and we hope many of you will be able to march on the day.

The MEL is as follows:

11:15 - Gather in Howard Park, Kilmarnock. Dress: Suit or Blazer , Grey Beret, Medals.

11:30 - Lunch(for those parading only, names to HHQ by 11 Jun 15)

13:00 - Parade forms up in Waterside Street

13:30 - Parade steps off - march through the town centre.

13:50 - Presentation of Eagle to the Lord Provost - Howard Park.

14:00 - P & Ds - Beating to Quarters - Howard Park.

14:30 - Disperse.

I would be grateful if you could inform HHQ of your intention to march by 11 Jun 15.

Also please note that there is no Specific Area for Parking.



For a number of reasons the venue for the Regimental Family lunch to be held on 27 June 2015, which is an All Ranks Event, has had to be moved from Redford Barracks to the Edinburgh Suite of the Sheraton Hotel in Edinburgh which are hugely more comfortable surroundings.  It is hoped this will not disrupt anyone’s arrangements.

There will still be parking at Redford Barracks for those who want to leave their cars there that morning. Buses will take people from Redford Barracks to Johnston Terrace (the form up point for the parade), from the Canongate Kirk after the Commemoration service to the Sheraton Hotel and back to Redford Barracks after lunch to meet up with their cars.

The cost of the heavily subsidised lunch will remain as originally notified, namely £25.00 per person. The price will include 3 courses plus wine and coffee/tea. Everyone attending will also be given a brochure about Waterloo as a souvenir.

Moving the lunch to the Sheraton Hotel allows more people to attend and so there are still places left for those who have not yet booked in. The booking forms were sent out in the Spring Newsletter. Anyone who wishes to book in and who has not yet done so should return their forms and payments to Home Headquarters by 22 May 15.  If anyone did not receive a Newsletter and would like to book in for lunch they should contact Home Headquarters. Please click  HERE for the booking form.  Similarly if anyone wishes to park their cars at Redford and have not done so, they should contact Home Headquarters.  The details of their cars ( make, model, VRN) will be required. The cut off date for booking in for lunch and for parking has been extended to 22 May 2015 after which no more bookings can be taken.   

Car passes will be issued to those who want to leave their cars at Redford and tickets for lunch will be sent out for those who have booked in for it.

A number of people have indicated they only wish to take part in the parade and go to the church service.  While it is not necessary to book in for these events and no-one will be turned away on the day, it is useful for planning purposes if people do inform Home Headquarters of their intentions.

The Ceilidh planned for the evening will still take place in the Edinburgh Garrison Warrant officers’ and Sergeants’ Mess in Redford. However, this is ticket only and is fully subscribed.


0850- Buses leave Redford under the control of the Waterloo Squadron Sergeant Major for Johnston Terrace.

0930- Parade forms up in Johnston Terrace under the direction of the Waterloo Squadron Sergeant Major. Full details will follow but the dress will be Grey Berets and medals for everyone. The parade will consist of a mounted Troop, a Jackal Troop, Massed Pipes and Drums, the Serving Regiment, the Association and SCOTS DG capbadged cadets.  The Parade Commander will come from the Serving Regiment.  For those who want to make their own way to Johnston Terrace, they are asked to be there by 0930hrs.

1015- Parade steps off under command of the Waterloo Squadron Leader

1045- Parade halts outside the Canongate Kirk

1100-1145- Commemoration Service

1145- Move to the Sheraton Hotel by bus

1215- Reception in Hotel

1330- Lunch and Band Display in the Sheraton Hotel.

1545- Buses depart Sheraton Hotel for Redford Barracks.

Any questions should be directed to Home Headquarters.
Sun 28th Jun 15:
Programme for Monteviot Estate
Trade and Food Stalls:1200 to 1730 hrs
Children`s Amusements: 1200 to 1730 hrs
Jedforest Silver band: 1330 to 1420 hrs
VIPs meet dignataries: 1400 to 1420 hrs
Speeches: 1420 to 1440 hrs
Peter Snow narrates the story of the battle: 1445 to 1545 hrs
Local Pipe Bands: 1600 to 1630 hrs
Military Pipe Bands: 1630 to 1700 hrs
Daylight Fireworks and lighting of bonfire: 1700 to 1730 hrs
Close: 1730 hrs
Full details of events and how to apply to take part in them were sent out in the Spring 2015 Newsletter.
Anyone requiring more information should contact Home HQ SCOTS DG e-mail or telephone 0131 310 5100 ASAP.
Fri 26 Jun 15 Evening 19:00 : Waterloo 200: Officers Reception - Edinburgh
(Posted 17 Jun 15)
Digital Waterloo Trail of Edinburgh
Please find here  link to the above mentioned tour

(Posted 6 May 15)
"Waterloo, a near run thing"
There will be an exhibition at North Ayrshire Heritage Centre commencing on 11 May 15 until 25 July 15. This is to commemorate the 200 year anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. On display will be items from the personal collection of Mr James Mair retired Sergeant of the Scots Dragoon Guards
(Updated 15 Apr 15)


Greys & Glory is an ambitious project dedicated to ensuring the representation of the Royal Scots Greys at the massive and hugely mediatised reenactment taking place on the original battlefield of Waterloo to mark the bicentenary of the battle in June 2015.  Captain Jonathan Findlay (Scots DG 1986-1991) and Fritz Bronner (Director of the War Horse Foundation) need your help to raise sufficient funds to source enough horses, riders, uniforms, equipment and logistical support to field a display troop of up to 20 Greys. All donations, large or small, will help towards the success of this project. Details can be found on as well as on the project's Crowd Funding Page on  For those not familiar with Crowd Funding, this is a web-based platform where people can present their projects online to a wider public audience and often propose perks or gifts for donors who may wish to receive something in exchange for their donations. Furthermore, in the case of the Greys & Glory project, the name of every donor will be entered into a prize draw featuring the Regiment's Special Edition Waterloo 200 Gift Items honouring the Greys. In front of 120,000 spectators and broadcast internationally to a television audience, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the Greys symbolically charge on the battlefield of Waterloo in honour of those who fell there 200 years ago. Please give whatever support you can to this challenging project which also intends to help ABF The Soldiers' Charity and Scotty's Little Soldiers. The aim of Greys and Glory is to source riders, horses, uniforms, logistical support and funds to guarantee the representation of The Royal Scots Greys on the original battlefield at the bicentennial commemorations and re-enactment at Waterloo in Belgium.  

The project centres around 3 events.

Battlefield Reception (18 Jun 15). It is hoped there will be a reception at the Mont Saint Jean Farm around 1900hrs.  Regimental and Association members will be able to attend although it is likely there will be an entrance fee.   

Memorial Service   (18 Jun 15) There will be a  Memorial Service in honour of the Greys followed by a Sound and Light Show recounting the events leading up to and including the Battle of Waterloo.  The Memorial Service is likely to take place at 9.30pm. It is hoped there will be some Regimental representation and that it will be recorded by British and International TV. During the service it is hoped to read out the names of the Greys who fell at Waterloo.

Reenactment of the Battle of Waterloo (19 and 20 Jun 15). It is hoped there will be 120,000 live spectators and that the re-enactments will be broadcast worldwide.  The organisers have been persuaded to write the Charge of the Greys and the capture of the Eagle into the script. (‐royal‐scots‐greys-will‐be-participating-commemoration‐celebrations‐battle‐waterloo)

The Crowdfunding campaign for these events is due to be launched over the coming weekend (31 Jan- 1 Feb) with an article dedicated to Greys and Glory being published in The Independant on Sunday on 1 Feb 15.  

You can also find more information on the following social media sites:

A Facebook page has been created (

A Twitter account is active (
A Vimeo Account has been created

Details of the events being planned to mark the bicentenary and information about the Battle of Waterloo can be found on

Belgium and Battlefield of Waterloo

16 June 2015 (date tbc)

Duchess of Richmond’s Ball. On 15 June 1815, the Duchess of Richmond organised a ball in Brussels for the officers of Wellington’s Army and distinguished guests. This ball was part of Wellington’s psychological warfare, which had always involved ‘pleasure as usual’.  During the ball a message arrived from the Prussian commander warning of Napoleon’s approach.  Officers slipped away from the ball to join their troops.  The Duchess of Richmond’s Ball in 2015 will be held in Brussels and include dinner, dancing and music from a military band.

17 June 2015

Inauguration of the restored Hougoumont Farm. This will include the unveiling of a Memorial to the British Army of 1815 and a garden party. 

18 June 2015

The new Waterloo Dispatch and replica 45th and 105th Eagles leaves Waterloo for Brussels, Bruges, Ostend and then to London. This Dispatch is an original, high constellation of coordinated ceremonies based on the news of the Battle of Waterloo reaching the various capitals of Europe. It pays homage to all those who fought at Waterloo and also highlights the important role played by the horse.

Commemoration Service at Waterloo to include a 21 Gun Salute and a performance of Beethoven’s Battle Symphony at 1815hrs.

18-21 June 2015  There will be two re-enactments on the battlefield over the weekend. It is hoped more than 5,000 participants and 300 horses from around the world and some 100 canons will be involved in them. These participants will be accommodated in a tented camp close to the battlefield from 17-21 Jun 15. Details of the re-enactments are as follows:

  • 19 June 2015 (at 2000hrs): The first re-enactment: The French Attack
  • 20 June 2015 (at 2000hrs): The second re-enactment: The Allied Counterattack

It is possible some people intend to be in Belgium over the weekend of 18-21 June 2015 to take part in, or watch the events.  They are encouraged to do so should they wish.  It is intended a Scots Grey Troop will be formed to take part in the re-enactments. Those who wish to take part in this, or who may have a horse they could lend, should contact Capt Jonathan Findlay (e-mail: )

Members of the Regimental family may wish to spectate at these events.  Details and how to apply for tickets can be found at In addition to the events outlined above, there may also be a small commemoration ceremony on the battlefield organised by Capt Findlay when a wreath will be laid and the names of those members of the Scots Greys who died in the battle will be read out.  The details are still to be confirmed but anyone from the Regiment and Association would be welcome to attend.